Posted by: Bro Jer | November 4, 2009


Since I really do not have the “time” to write here as I would like, below is a copy of a response to a friend on Face Book, who I had not talked to for some “time” and was surprised to awake to anote from her!

Christa, My Siista, from a time long gone! A time that transformed the life of many from coast to coast, across borders and seas! A time that brought together people from so many denominations, backgrounds, cultures, male and female. A time that seemed to be outside of time, for it was and is….a time of GOD! A NOW time, a “Kairos” moment in eternity, a time that seemed so long ago, only to be present again, here and now! A time, a season, a passing in the moment. A time, like the seasons themselves that “seem” to end, only to begin again. I awake, and here is spring time in fall! Another sister in the Lord that has come from that time long gone, to begin a new springtime in our walk with Christ! We were pioneers, of sorts, the ole CSU prayer team. Janette being the one with the “vision” that took us to that time outside of time. We new little of how the Lord would so change FOREVER, leading unto eternity, those of us who crossed so many boundaries of prejudice and misguided beliefs! TIME! JESUS! BROTHER! SISTER! A time, where but for a moment….we became one…UNITY…in the midst of allllll our differences! What a time!

Enough said on here, for now! I have and will pray for you and the family! And in time, we shall talk, in real time!

With a brothers love,

In Christ, Bro Jer


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