Posted by: Bro Jer | November 21, 2009


This started as a response to a statement I made somewhere else about apathy and has turned into what you now read here. I truly wish I could read it to you, so that you could hear and understand the emotion and passion behind what I write, and how I “try” to live.

To arrive at the conclusion of “APATHY” is to look at the “whole” condition of our society! It “had” been “Christians” who set the tone of our culture since this nation was founded. Fought and died for the right to live in a nation “under GOD”! Taught that there were “moral right and wrongs”! And we Catholics were on the cutting edge of many things with schools, and hospitals, the arts, and now……..

Over the last 50 years, we have sat on our “pathetic ass’s” and ALLOWED ourselves to become “desensitized”. If Christians were on the front lines, as the founders of this country were, ABORTION would never have become legal, gay marriage would not be on ballots, prime time TV would still be Leave it to Beaver, not “anything goes”! “Casual Christians become Christian Casualties”! We have become casualties of our pleasure seeking lifestyle! Slaves to comfort and unwilling to take risks for the sake of “truth and righteousness”!!!

Here is the deeper root of the problem, in my humble opinion. WE HAVE NOT WALKED THE TALK…AND…WE ARE PAYING THE PRICE! Here is an example, and a challenge. If “Health Reform” passes, and our money, GOD”S money, will pay for killing babies in the womb, will you stand up and become a conscientious  objector to paying tax!?! Please, I do NOT want to hear from one more person that we need to be “practical”! All the dead babies know how “practical” we have been! Tell me brother or sister, what is “practical” about the Gospel, the Cross? What are we doing? What are we really leaving to our children? A brighter future, money, a motor home, the “American Dream”, more comforts so there is yet another lazy generation focused more on “creature comforts” than the “Creator of Creatures”?

As we walk around waving banners  shouting phrases like “kill the bill” and having tea parties, something we have done now  for 1/2 a century,  HAS IT GOT US ANY “REAL” victory in the battle? WE CAN NOT CONTINUE DOING THE SAME THING…AND EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS! Nothing is ever going to change, until WE the people, GOD”S PEOPLE, are willing to STAND UP, become “interdependent” not “independent” and risk it all for the One Who gave it all for us! Jesus, The… Author of life.

Look, how many people turned out in DC for the event in September? How many more were in support but could not attend? So lets say that all of those who were “fired up” for going to DC, would get fired up, stand together, and REFUSE to pay taxes that support abortion? We hold prayer services…great! March on DC…great! Tweet and RT and FB and blog all day long on this…great! Don’t Stop!!! But then, how do we really follow UP? What do we do next? Where and what is the “concrete” ACTION of all the others? If you have an idea, please share it!

Twenty five years ago, I sold my homes, canceled all my insurance, gave away every dime I had, to live like I truly believed that the Gospel was true and that Abba, Daddy, would provide for our needs. I have raised seven children WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE, SAVINGS, STOCKS, or BONDS!  The “stock exchange” is really the “insecurity and chains exchange”! And now…what I do have I may lose sooner than later! Yet, if I do, and I end up begging for money, or to live in YOUR basement….it WILL NOT be because I compromised my faith and trust in Jesus our Lord, God and Savior! If the world takes me down, if I stumble and fall because of my sinfulness and weakness, it will not changed one very important TRUTH! The only Truth that we need to cling too, Jesus Christ IS Lord!

Lets live like we believe it. Like we believe and know that Jesus is Lord and Abba WILL take care of us!!  Lets live “prophetically” … not ” pathetically apathetic”! His death on the Cross deserves much more than we can ever give. If we really believe that this is just a moment in time, with the end being to live eternally with Him, then what in the hell, but hell, do we have to lose anyway?

The time of creating a middle class “god” to fit our lifestyle, MUST, MUST, MUST come to an end! Now is the time to fit our lifestyle, to His death style! THE…CROSS! We have not come to this point in history because of what we have done, as much as what we have NOT done. Apathy……The silent scream…..

I ask all the babies that have died, in the hours that is took me to draft and prepare my thoughts, to intercede for us! To pray in union with all the millions and millions of prophets and teachers, doctors, lawyers, priests, truck drivers, carpenters, that have been killed in the womb. Pray for those of us that have been spared such a horrible and untimely death. Pray, that we who have been given the honor of being the hands, feet, and voice of Christ on this earth, would truly put the sanctity of life itself, before our own selfish desires.

…. in Jesus Name We Pray. Amen

With a Brothers love,

Bro Jer



  1. One of the best blog posts i have ever read. Thank you and i join you in that prayer.

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