Posted by: Bro Jer | May 25, 2010

Out4Life Conference 5-25-10

Very cool God Moment yesterday. (Ok, was not yesterday now) You will need to listen to the audio file to share in the experience!

psst…click the arrow by the little speaker up above…yea, Kewl, there ya go 🙂

YES…Would appreciate even a short comment. How else will I know if it is a “God” thing or a “Bro” thing?

I pray all is of the Lord and not self!

The Lord Loves YOU!

In Christ,

Bro Jer

PS…I REALLY HATE TYPING! jus thought ya should know



  1. This is a message that needs to travel far outside this blog, rightly named “Genesis-In the Beginning”.

    In our world with all its good intentions based on psycho-babble which must be limited by the intelligence and ability of the people from whom it is generated, there is only one way to profound and permanent rehabilitation and this is a wonderful expression of it!

    Thank you for sharing this – this is a growing experience for all of us. And God is not finished with you yet!

    For such a time as this…

  2. Thank you for taking us “inside” the prison walls to hear about the presence and effects of faith based communities within prison. When I’ve heard people talk about “prison ministry” I hear about good things people going in to minister are doing, but really haven’t heard about faith alive within prisons. Very powerful change of perspective.

  3. Thank you for working with people that too many others want to forget about or throw away. People skip over the part where Jesus said: “when I was in prison you visited me”. God bless your ministry and keep working to save souls and save lives.

  4. Wow, Bro Jer! Not only do you have a rockin’ awesome voice for radio / podcast, but you have a mighty rockin’ message too!

    Thank you for being real. And for bringing the reality of prison ministry to us. Powerful stuff. You sent me some copies of the Prisoner to Prisoner Devotional a while back. I have to tell you that I loved it. Very real. Not pie-in-the-sky devotion. Nope. It was a manly devotion rooted in Christ and the Word of God.

    God bless you, Bro Jer, for the great work that you are doing… and for being an inspiration to me.

  5. Good stuff, Jerry. You’ve got something good going here.

  6. Amazing events. Our Lord is certainly touching lives of the imprisoned. Certainly your vocal blog has inspired me and hopefully many more that take the time to listen to it. Praying for you and them…

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