Posted by: Bro Jer | August 31, 2010

why I hate black dogs

I hate black dogs. You may ask, WHY? Why Bro, do you hate black dogs? WHY? I will answer that in a minute.

I was staying out in southern Indiana at my daughters for a few days. Slumin and bummin. Yardsalin. Cashin in on crap sales. The days were hot and long, the nights were dark and cool. I like the dark and coolness of the night. Sitting out on the deck, counting stars, listening to the crickets, the wild noises of the night. Coyotes off in the distance. A young howl, a yip in the darkness. The quite was loud, yet it whispered. Listening, no, really hearing the darkness as it spoke into my spirit. The Presence of God surrounded me. This was not a deep spiritual experience. I have been blessed with a few. This was just a calm assurance, a comfort, a knowing, that if the Lord could manage allllllll of those things at the same time, He was helping to manage my life as well. It was up to me to trust.

I went back into bed and fell off into a resting sleep. Woke up again a few hours later and headed out to the deck. I had company this time. Gracie and Wodie followed me out the door. Gracie and Wodie are sisters. Gracie lives with my daughter and Wodie, who just adores Captain Jeff and his podcast, she lives with me. They are both black! Off into the blackness they ran. I never heard the sound of a struggle, a whimper, nothing. I yelled…Gracieeeeeeeeee, Wodieeeeeeeee…get your black asses back here! I mean it was black dark out. Ole Bro walkin round the hood yellin for um ta come…Gracieeeeeeee, Wodieeeeeeeeee, get your &*^&$ black asses back here NOW! Usually, when I get to that deep NOW, they come runnin. Nutin!

So I go get my couch surfin son up and have his lazy butt go running around in the blackness yellin like a fool at five in the morn. Ha, better him than me at this point, as it had been over fifteen minutes, and lights were comin through windows down the way. All of a sudden here come them two ole black dogs, charging towards me. Up the steps Wodie ran and whoshhhh through the patio door. She musta thought I was going to kick her black behind through the window. Then Gracie comes a runing, whoshhhh right through the door and I yelled out, I mean ole Bro YELLED out into the darkness, DAMNIT SON..get them dogs in the garage NOWWWWWWWWWW! They been sprayed by a doggone skunk! That smell was just as thick as a moonpie.

Ever since that dark night in Late july, I have hated black dogs!

Dat All, Bro



  1. Are you SURE you didn’t hate them before??? Get out the tomato juice!

  2. ***sniff*** Dat wuz byoo-ti-full! Inspirin’.

    Especially the part: “This was just a calm assurance, a comfort, a knowing, that if the Lord could manage allllllll of those things at the same time, He was helping to manage my life as well. It was up to me to trust.”

    Skunk-sprayed pooches remind us, however, that surprises are still in the offing. And that serene times are precious.

    Paulcoholic @ 1:45 AM

  3. […] they did all the typing! So, I will post it since I hate typing, AND BLACK DOGS, anyway. dat […]

  4. I’d forgotten about that – seems so long ago now. Well actually, it was – LOL!

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