Posted by: Bro Jer | September 1, 2010


Say-what? Bro dude is losing it again. Well, maybe. Ya C…there are a lot of folk out here that are “callified” to share their story via a blog, podcast, public speaking, etc…but they feel inadequate, un-“qualified”, C- when we look at what others do. I am here to bring tidings of joy, yep…and no, it is not that time of year. I HATE TYPING, not very good at it. Un me grammer un punchation un stuff, just ain’t none to gud! Yea, I know, I said tidings of joy, here it is…I do what I do because the Lord told me too! Period!! So in His eyes, my C- work is an A+ job! How Kewl is that??? Ya C…it does not matter if what I do pleases anyone… but the Lord. Get my drift! It is joyful unto the Lord!

Many of the tasks I like to do the least are ones  the Lord has called me to. I know that because after twenty-five years of being in ministry, I have lived to C some of the fruit. Let me share a story related to typing, lots and lots of typing, yearrrrs of typing, and at the end of all that typing, someone who was anti-catholic CONVERTED to the Catholic Church! IS THAT SOME FRUIT OR WHAT? Can I get an AMEN? Oh, come on…shout one OUT….A M E N!!!! Thank you Lord.

I had no idea what I was doing, and to really do the story well, I will have to find the time to record it so I can share all the details. The point is that if you feel that you have something to share…SHARE IT! Type, blog, preach, doggone it…go down to the river and talk to a drunk! JUST DO IT! Do it the best you can! Be you and trust the Lord to work out the details.

Ok, I hate typing so I am going to STOP! I will share it all in the near future.

Oh, yea…Maria, go ahead, get out your red pen of DOOM and tear my stuff UP!(it has got to drive you nuts) You may give me a C- or even an F! BUTT, I know the Lord will give me that A+! SO THERE 😉

+++ Bro Jer

No wonder I hate typing!



  1. WONDERFUL you should look at mine it typo and grammar city but the word of God are more important to me so i do not worry about it really hahahahahahah

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