Posted by: Bro Jer | September 16, 2010

“To whom will all this piled-up wealth of yours go?” —Luke 12:20

If we’re not paying or receiving interest, we may wonder how we can save enough to get ahead. The Lord may answer that question by saying we can throw out savings accounts along with our unbiblical notions of debts and interest. Contrary to what we may have been taught, Jesus is generally against saving money. He implies it is a form of greed (Lk 12:15ff). Jesus calls the man, who has “blessings in reserve for years to come” (Lk 12:19), a fool. We call a person who doesn’t save, a fool; Jesus is just the opposite.

In GOD we trust???

Savings do not fit in with God’s system. Since He is all-powerful, He doesn’t have to save for a rainy day and neither do His children. He operates on a “daily” system. Jesus teaches us to pray for our daily bread (Mt 6:11). He says to let tomorrow take care of itself (Mt 6:34). For example, when the chosen people collect extra manna (just in case God didn’t come through the next day), it became wormy and rotten (Ex 16:20). When we save for a rainy day, we may be making rainy days happen or more precisely not making sunny days. If we look hard enough, we may find some veiled references to savings in Proverbs. Also, God called His people to save to prepare for famines (Gn 41:35-36, Acts 11:28-29). But usually our heavenly Father DOES NOT approve of saving. Jesus is our Savings and Savior; we are to trust Him.

The above was written by my mentor of many years, Fr Al Lauer. These are words, a lifestyle, I have lived for 25 years now. His teaching was hard to swallow for most. Yet, it was always his hope to lead others to live in such a way that we allowed the Lord to Father us. To not just say, but to live and walk, the Our Father…”give us this day our daily bread!” It is truly a shame, that more who knew him did not grasp, this most fundamental aspect of his teaching.

Trust Abba!

Jesus loves you!

+++ BroJer



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