Posted by: Bro Jer | December 11, 2010

Catholic Roundup 88- Advent-ure

Catholic New Media Advent Calendar so far. Special Thanks to Paul from and Bro Jer for their assistance so far.

We still have room for contributors if you would like to join in the festivities.

Celebrations: The Catholic Foodie episode 100  should be out this weekend or next week.  Woohoo.  Congratulations Jeff.

Promo:  DivineOffice.Org. A wonderful ministry helping people to pray the liturgy of the hours.
Baby Report:

On Nov 29, Bob and Sarah Reinhard had their third child, Joseph.  Sarah blogs at  just another day of Catholic pondering and records guest features on the The Catholic Foodie podcast and the Catholic Moments Podcast.

In July we missed announcing the arrival of Michael James Mette II, the son of Catholic musician and Speaker Michael James Mette and his wife, Michelle.

This weekend Michael James Mette, Bryan Murdaugh, Popple and many others are in New Orleans at the National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry.  You can tune in live streaming of the event this weekend courtesy of

Song:  O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Michael James Mette.

Interview with Barb in Nebraska.  Barb’s Class Advent Wiki.  Barb posted an audioboo about the difficulties we had with recording the interview.  I must also offer Barb a belated congratulations and induction into the Catholic Podcast 100 Club for producing 149 short audio reflections on audioboo since June 2009.   Subscribe to SubscribeBarbInNebraska’s AudioBoos.

Tech Talk: Problems with trolls on #cathmedia.  Best response I saw was from @CaptJeff– “God created everything @from-nothing. We love you. Goodnight! #cathmedia

How to block/filter out trolls on twitter.  RT @CatholicDan: Block trolls – Change search to “#CathMedia -from:[TrollName] -@[TrollName]” Blocks tweets to/from the user

Join us tomorrow for more reflections produced by great Catholic New Media personalities as we journey through the advent.

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