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Apps for Catholics-thanks to Mike L

A special thanks to Mike L for sharing his thoughts. I encourage you to check out his blog at the link below.

What Does Mike Think?

Apps for Catholics

Posted by Mike

Despite Apple’s pulling of the Manhattan Declaration app from the iTunes app store, there are still some Catholic apps available. Every so often a friend gets a new iPhone or iPod and I wind up telling them what apps I have on my iPhone. So I thought I would immortalize it in these pages bits.

Some of these apps have a separate version for the iPad. The links I give are the iPhone/iPod app because that’s what I have. I have rated each app with 1 to 4 crosses [+] based on my evaluation of it – your mileage may differ. If you know of or like other Catholic apps, please share in the comments – I’d love to find more apps.

Here goes (with some updates from friends):


  • Holy Bible RSV-CE [+++] Most of the bible apps out there (and all of the free ones are protestant bibles. This one is the real deal. Thanks to Owen at Drawn to Catholicism for pointing me at this one.
  • Catholic Bible [+++] Based on the CPDV (Catholic Public Domain Version) translation of the bible. Not enough of a bible scholar to know if this is a good translation or not. The web site claims:
  • The Catholic Public Domain Version of the Sacred Bible is a new translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible made using the Challoner revision of the Douay-Rheims version as a guide. The CPDV is in the process of being translated; the estimated date of completion is early 2009. It is not merely an update of the Douay-Rheims. It has perhaps as many differences from the Douay-Rheims, as it has similarities to it. However, the CPDV is also not a translation that is independent of other English translations. The CPDV draws on the eloquence and insight of the Challoner Douay-Rheims, so that this new version can present to the English reader both freshness and familiarity.

  • iPieta [+++] has a Catholic bible (Douay-Rheims and Vulgate), a calendar, and various prayers and devotions.
  • Divine Mercy [+++] Divine Mercy chaplet and novena. Need I say more? This was a wonderful free app by Big River Software, that appears to be unavailable. Not sure why. There are Divine Mercy apps available, but they are not free and I haven’t tried them.
  • The Rosary App [++++] I like this rosary app best – with “dials” for the prayers instead of trying to emulate beads.


  • Universalis [++++] Calendar, saints, daily psalms, prayers and readings from the Catholic Liturgy of the Hours, seven times a day. Usable without an internet connection. Thanks again to Owen at Drawn to Catholicism.
  • Lauds, Vespers, Compline, and Divine Office [+++] These are all Divine Office apps, to pray the liturgy of the hours. The three individual ones (Lauds, Vespers, and Compline) are components of the Divine Office app split out into individual apps. These apps have some cool features. In addition to written and audio prayers it can show you a map of everyone in the world who is currently praying with you (or at least those who choose to share their location information). Check out The Catholic Foodie for a better review than I can give you here, including an interview with the developers of the app. One caveat – have a good internet connection when you want to use them.
  • iBreviary/iBreviary Pro [+++] Another app for liturgy of the hours, but also includes mass readings and a missal. My only complaint is that it shows the info for the last time you used it  – you have to manually update it to the current day’s information/
  • Prayers [++++] is another Divine Office app, with common and devotional prayers, blessings, Catholic doctrine etc.
  • [also see iPieta above]
  • Holy Rosary [++] I’m not a big fan of rosary apps in general, but this is a decent one.
  • SantoRosario [+++] Rosary and other prayers – I think this is one of the less “cheesy” rosary apps.
  • iMissal [++++] Has a complete missal, prayers, and even a video mass, courtesy of Catholic TV.
  • Stations of the Cross [++++] Excellent app by Ave Maria Press. Name describes it well.
  • The Traditional Way [++++] Another excellent Stations of the Cross app.
  • Evangelizo [+++] Prayers, Gospel readings, Saints of the day and more – appears to be a very “quick” app.
  • iMass [++] View the daily TLM (for you trad Catholics – not rwally my thing though).


  • H2O News [++++] News, the Gospel and more from Rome.
  • Radio Maria [+] Looks like a cool app, with alarm clock, Catholic internet radio and more. Unfortunately crashes on my phone. You may have better luck
  • Ave Maria Radio [++++] Same app as Radio Maria, but different audio stream, and this one works.
  • iCatholicFM [+++] Same app again, but with different Catholic radio audio stream.
  • iPadre, SaintCast and other SQPN shows [++] These are OK, except they are paid apps and they aren’t really more useful to me than just listening to the podcasts themselves.
  • iPFL [+] Basically lets you seach the Priests for Life site for prayers and other litugical resources. Not super useful for lay folk.


  • Catholic Calendar (aka RC Calendar) by Universalis [+++] Great Calendar with feast days, information and more. You can set it for many different countries’ feast days.
  • Answers for Catholics [++++] A great tool for evangelization or just answering questions you have about the faith.
  • iConfess [++++] A tool for making a proper examination of conscience and a “how to” for Confession. Whether you confess daily or haven’t been in years there’s something for you.
  • Mass Times [++++] Finds mass times, distances, directions, phone numbers, web sties, etc. for Catholic churches near your current location (or a location you enter). Very useful, especially if you ever travel.
  • St. Augustine [++++] Christian Doctrine, Confessions, City of God all available to read, with bookmarks you can add.
  • All Popes [++++] Reference material on all the popes!
  • The Catholic Game [++] Catholic trivia game. Gets boring after a while, but still fun and since it was free…
  • Manhattan Declaration [++] Removed from the iTunes store for being “offensive”. Basically takes you to the Manhattan Declaration web page.
  • Heresy Detector [+] Goofy app that makes a needle point to random numbers from 0 to 10.
  • iFaith [++] Connects you with web sites of various Dioceses. You can get news, homilies and more.
  • Lourdes [+] Photos and prayers from Lourdes.
  • Spirit FM 90.5 [+++] Catholic radio form the Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Fulton Sheen [+++] Audio of speeches given by Fulton Sheen. Free app, but some of the content requires upgrading.


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