Posted by: Bro Jer | January 16, 2011

King’s Mountain Tops Speech remains relevant today (via A PATRIOTIC NURSE)

Just a few quick things here. I have looked up to people like Martin Luther King ever since my conversion. We need not look back centuries, to see holy people, prophets, folks who are being used by the Lord, in a mighty way. They do live and work amongst us.

If you have never visited Erica’s blog, I encourage you to do so! She is one as well that I look up to! Someone who works as hard at being a rockin nurse, and spends so much time influencing people through new media, needs some respect and admiration!

The Lord Loves YOU! +++BroJer

King's Mountain Tops Speech remains relevant today On April 3, 1968 Martin Luther King delivered his powerful, "I've been to the mountain top speech" the day before he was assassinated. We have to remain true to what we say on paper. We still 43 years later are still having difficult days ahead, racial divide continues to be exacerbated by those who continue to want to create strife and division in America. We are Americans, regardless of the color of our skin or party affiliation. Our first amen … Read More



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