Posted by: Bro Jer | March 5, 2011

Prisoner to Prisoner Devotional 3-5-11

I have been working on this project since 2003. How kewl to be workin with prisoners, who have had a real conversion and are sharing their faith, through this devotional.

“Prisoner to Prisoner” is the only daily devotional that is written and edited…”by prisoners for prisoners”.

It also speaks to people in the free world. These devotionals are provided in the spirit and tradition of the Kairos Prison Ministries.

The ministry is SPONSORED by Marion Correctional Institution, Marion, Ohio and Kairos of Ohio Prison Ministry.


Saturday March 5

“…Be perfect, be of good comfort,

be of one mind, live in peace…”

2 Corinthians 13: 11a

Perfect Peace

The Verse I am led to write on is from the conclusion and benediction to Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians. Paul is reminding the Corinthians and us how we should live to please God. My prayer is that everyone who reads this devotion can learn to live by Paul’s words. Amen.

As most of us inmates know prison is a very hard place to find perfect peace. It is a daily struggle just to find a place to yourself. Whether in a cell or a dorm it makes no difference. Only one prison I know of in the State of Ohio still has single man cells. There is just no room for all of these men. Yet we can find peace, even in this situation. We can have the peace that passes all understanding. The secret to this peace is the part of the Verse above that says, “be of one mind.” That means to be of one mind in Christ Jesus. When we focus completely on the Lord Jesus, we can have peace. Amen. Yes, even in this prison situation, we can have perfect peace in Jesus Christ. Then we can strive to be perfect and be of good comfort knowing that Jesus will always be there for us. I have lived this for ten years now and I trust Christ completely.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ live as it says above, “and the God of peace shall be with you” (2 Corinthians 13: 11b). – J.D.S.


Psalm 20, 21          Deut. 5:22-33          2 Cor. 13:1-14          Matt. 7:22-29


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