Posted by: Bro Jer | March 9, 2011

Prisoner to Prisoner Devotional 3-9-11


Ash Wednesday

“…I will confess my transgression to the Lord and He shall forgive the iniquity of my sin.”

Psalm 32: 5b

We Are Forgiven

In today’s selected text we read that the Psalmist is extremely thankful that God has forgiven his transgression. This Psalm is often associated with Psalm 51 in which David confesses his sin before the Lord, as he was guilty of adultery and murder.

During Resurrection Season, and especially today on Ash Wednesday, I reflect not only on the Resurrection but also on Christ’s death on the Cross. In 1992, while I was housed at Bland C.C., I attended an Ash Wednesday service officiated by a young minister who was also a staff member. The minister preached on the resurrection and tied in the life and death of our Lord and Savior into the message. In his sermon he said that Christ’s birth, life and death are forever linked to His Resurrection. As he preached, this truth started to impact the congregation of about 30 men; as the minister preached, he began to weep as he explained the horrific death of Christ so that we might be forgiven and have life everlasting. I was personally struck by this truth as I had never been struck before. That sermon in the mess hall that evening changed my life forever.

Like King David the writer of today’s devotional text, we too, can experience the same joy he experienced when he confessed his sin and received the forgiveness of the Lord. Those of us who are in prison can rejoice in the fact forgiveness is available to us just as it is available to all. – D.S.H.

Psalm 32, 143 Jonah 3:1––4:11 Heb. 12:1-14 Luke 18:9-14

“Prisoner to Prisoner” is the only daily devotional that is written and edited…”by prisoners for prisoners”.

It also speaks to people in the free world. These devotionals are provided in the spirit and tradition of the Kairos Prison Ministries.

The ministry is SPONSORED by Marion Correctional Institution, Marion, Ohio and Kairos of Ohio Prison Ministry.

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