Posted by: Bro Jer | December 7, 2011

Taking on FTD: Howard Glick

You can learn more about Howard  at the FTD/Dementia Support Group

This is part of a full page story on Howard ,which can be found on page 9 of, The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration Fall Newsletter.

Each morning starts with a familiar routine for Howard Glick as he collects his laptop and heads to his “office” at Starbucks in Upper Manhattan. The exact time varies, but he starts early, returns often, and continues his work at all hours of the night back in his apartment. There is a lot to do when you are telling the world what it’s like to live with FTD.
“Simply put,” wrote Howard, “I eat and breathe my efforts seven days a week. I am relentless in my efforts to further public awareness and help others.”
Howard started writing a blog in July 2011 about his experiences with frontotemporal degeneration with the intention of advocating for and supporting others like himself. His symptoms started manifesting themselves in 2004, but were diagnosed and treated as bipolar disorder for 6 ½ years. A 2006 SPECT scan showed early indicators of degeneration that were not recognized, but progression was clear in a 2010 PET scan and Howard learned he had behavioral variant FTD (bvFTD).
The prospects were daunting for a 53-year-old, divorced father of two who had lost his career, loving relationships and his future over the course of six years. When he researched FTD on the Internet, he began to fear his mortality and was afraid he would become depressed. A life-long friend suggested Howard have coffee with him and his wife every morning at 6:30 to stay connected. Days stretched into months, and Howard realized that death was not imminent and he needed to rebuild his life.

Please take the time to read the complete article at the link above.

Feel free to email Howard at the address below. (Let him know BRO  sent ya)

You also may want to check out Vicki’s Voice where Vicki Wells Bedard (aka pain in my rear) shares her story, and days, and nights, and whatever rambling she wants to do! LOVE YA, V!!! (Bro gonna go hide now)

Share this information with anyone, no EVERYONE, YOU KNOW.

Thank you, Howard and Vicki, for sharing your lives with us!!

+++ BroJer


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